Link rugs by MUT Design for Expormim

Link rug by MUT Design for Expormim

VDF products fair: Ropes of different sizes are interwoven to create the undulating Link outdoor rug, which has been developed for Expormim by Spanish studio MUT Design.

Three millimetres thick and made from hardwearing polypropylene, the ropes are braided together to form a richly-textured base layer.

This is interspersed with a decorative strip of wider, 16-millimetre rope, forming raised ridges across the body of the rug and a playful scalloped pattern around the edges where it is fed back into the weave.

Beyond creating a nuanced surface, the use of different kinds of rope also allows for the introduction of peekaboo colour block details around the rim and in the overhanging loops.

These can be customised to the palette of a given space, ranging from muted oatmeal and sage green to bolder combinations of brick red and grey.

Although often overlooked as a decorative element, Expormim hopes that Link will establish rugs as "the cherry on top of an outdoor setting".

Product: Link
Designer: MUT Design
Brand: Expormim
Contact address:

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