Mosquito Barstool by Rex Kralj

Mosquito Bar Stool by Rex Kralj

VDF products fairSlovenian brand Rex Kralj has reimagined the Mosquito Chair by mid-century designer and architect Niko Kralj as a wooden bar stool.

Mosquito Bar Stool is distinguished by the same plywood seat as the 1953 Mosquito Chair, which has a distinctive "winged form" that resembles the bodies of the flying insects.

The frames of the stools are made with the same plywood as the folded seat, available with either a natural or dark-stained finish, and teamed with a slender footrest made from stainless steel.

According to Rex Kralj, the Mosquito Bar Stool was developed by art director Bart Schilder "to fulfill the potential of Niko Kralj's original designs", and its launch coincides with the brand's update and production of the Mosquito Chair.

"By virtue of the seat's winged form, the Mosquito Chair is celebrated as one of Niko Kralj's most inventive designs," said the Ljubljana-based brand, which was founded in 2012 to honour the work of Kralj.

"Composed in 1953 by Niko Kralj, the Mosquito chair went into production only recently thanks to the efforts of Rex Kralj."

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