1960 Armchair and Bar Chair by Bart Schilder for Rex Kralj

Dezeen Showroom: The 1960 Chair, a seminal mid-century seating design from late Slovenian architect Niko Kralj, has been expanded into a product family with the 1960 Armchair and Bar Chair, created by Dutch designer Bart Schilder for Rex Kralj.

For the armchair, the A-shaped wooden frame, curved seat and backrest of the original are left intact, but the chair has been updated with added armrests.

These introduce both a textural element through the use of metal and plywood, as well as contrasting the smooth arches of the original with sharper angles.

The stool, on the other hand, is perched on elongated metal legs, which come in two different heights to adapt the design for use in both bars and kitchens.

Their thin, elegant silhouette also lends the design a feeling of lightness compared to the solidity of its forebearer.

The product family was created by Schilder as part of his role as Rex Kralj's first-ever art director.  Founded in 2012, the Slovenian brand has made it its mission to resurrect Kralj's furniture designs and design principles for the 21st century.

Product: 1960 Armchair and Bar Chair
Designer: Bart Schilder
Brand: Rex Kralj
Contact address: info@rex-kralj.com

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1960 Armchair and Bar Chair by Bart Schilder for Rex Kralj
1960 Armchair and Bar Chair by Bart Schilder for Rex Kralj