Geberit offers touch-free bathroom solutions for hotels post-coronavirus

Dezeen promotion: infra-red wall-mounted taps and touchless flush controls are just some of the solutions Geberit has for the post-coronavirus hospitality industry.

The Swiss bathroom manufacturer already produces hygienic touch-free options, and has a range of easy-to-clean finishes and products.

Coronavirus can be spread by touching a surface an infected person has come into contact with, and the virus can survive on ceramics and steel for days.

"This has been responsible for a huge shift in consumer behaviour," said Geberit.

"According to research, 80 per cent of consumers expect to now change the way they engage with publicly available technology."

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Geberit reported an "unprecedented demand" for its touchless range, which it has been producing for years.

The brand's Brenta and Piave range of taps are activated by infra-red sensors, removing the need for handles that have to be turned or twisted. Geberit's Sigma80 and Sigma10 toilets use the same technology to flush automatically, removing another potential infection point.

"Making the washroom space touchless wherever possible will be a huge consideration for hotels, particularly in high footfall public areas," said the company.

Less technology-focused but no less advanced is Geberit's range of hygienic surfaces. The company has developed KeraTect Glaze, a surface finish that is non-porous to make cleaning easier.

"Solutions such as this not only help maintain high levels of hygiene but also, crucially, really help to enhance the look and feel of the bathroom as a 'clean' space," said Geberit.

Cleaning is made simpler by Geberit's Rimfree ceramic appliances, which have less corners to clean. The company also makes removable toilet seats to make disinfecting the unit easier.

"Another area we're predicting real growth in is wall-hung toilets and sanitary ware," said Geberit.

"Lifting the toilet from the floor naturally makes maintenance and cleaning much easier. Once again, with no hard-to -each areas, dirt and dust accumulation is significantly reduced."

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Making sure bathrooms remain a sanctuary after the pandemic, and not a place of anxiety, will be key said the brand.  Back in 2017 Geberit produced a white paper highlighting the importance of hotel bathrooms as a sensory space for people to retreat to.

"As the trend for selling 'experiences' and creating an escapism for guests continues, so too will the value of creating a unique, positive guest experience," said Geberit. "This will need to be carefully balanced when incorporating any new designs and technology."

As confidence in travel eventually returns, the hospitality industry is already looking at how to keep pace with public health guidance.

The the UK Housekeepers' Association (UKHA) has launched its Housekeeping Covid-19 Secure Standard guidelines to help bring the industry in line.

"At a time when the pandemic has thrust hygiene into the spotlight, the onus is now on manufacturers and hotels to work together to find not only hygienically-optimised products but solutions and designs that also reinforce the perception of a clean space," said Geberit.

More information on Geberit's hygiene solutions can be found on its website.