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Yoku SH spa system by Effegibi

Yoku SH spa system by Effe

Dezeen Showroom: an integrated bookcase accentuates the glass front of the Yoku SH – an at-home sauna and hammam system by Italian brand Effe.

Depending on how many items are placed on the shelves, this can act as a decorative display, a storage space for towels or books, and as a privacy screen shielding the occupant from view.

The name Yoku SH derives from the Japanese practise of forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, which advocates for the health benefits spending time in nature.

In line with this idea, the unit is made up of tall, vertical panels, rendered in Aspen wood on the outside and American walnut on the inside of the sauna, to create the feeling of being immersed in a forest of trees.

The unit's frame is divided in half to create two distinct spaces – the dry sauna and the humid, Turkish bath, with is tiled in marbled porcelain.

Together with the internal shower, this allows for cycles of heating up and cooling down to take place within one and the same space.

The front of the unit is entirely covered in panoramic, smoked glass, which can be customised with either a wooden sauna door or the shelving system, which is made from sheets of oxidised steel.

Product: Yoku SH
Brand: Effe
Contact address: [email protected]

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Yoku SH spa system by Effegibi