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IRIS Flow Headphones use algorithms to enhance listening experience

A pair of wireless algorithm-driven headphones features in this captioned video produced by Dezeen for audio technology brand IRIS.

The highly engineered product, called IRIS Flow Headphones, features integrated technology that aims to engage the human brain.

IRIS is a UK startup best known for developing patented software that digitally enhances sound to recreate the qualities of a live listening experience.

IRIS Flow Headphones
UK audio brand IRIS has designed a pair of wireless headphones

"IRIS will change the way you listen to audio forever," states the brand's founder Jacobi Anstruther. "By presenting audio as you would experience it in the live environment, IRIS not only creates dramatically improved, immersive audio, but also uniquely engages the brain to create active listening."

The headphones are designed to stimulate a neurological state in which the brain is simultaneously focused and relaxed.

IRIS Flow Headphones

This mindset, commonly referred to as "flow state", encourages individuals to listen to sound more actively.

"Listening to music with IRIS enhances the engagement and absorption of the music and provides more stimulation of the brain," says Joydeep Bhattacharya, professor of psychology at Goldsmiths, who conducted an independent study into the effects of IRIS technology.

"This in turn can lead to a flow-like state for the listener as they are listening more actively – their brain is more engaged."

The headphone set is available in black or white, and can be purchased through Indiegogo.

IRIS plans to launch the headphones with a campaign called 'Find Your Flow', which will explore the effects of flow state and immersive audio on human performance and mental wellbeing.

Alongside a range of people within the creative industries, the campaign will also feature Formula 1 racing drivers Max Verstappen and Alex Albon of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, which is a partner of IRIS.

This captioned video was produced by Dezeen for IRIS, which is a UK brand specialising in audio technology.

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