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Nappula from Iittala for Dezeen x Planted
Nappula ceramic pots designed by Matti Klenell

Lifestyle objects by Iittala are designed to last a lifetime

Collections from Scandinavian brand Iittala, that are being showcased as part of Dezeen x Planted collaboration during this year's London Design Festival, are designed to last for decades.

Founded in 1881 in Finland as a glassworks, today Iittala creates a range of useful objects for the home that are created to be durable and classic. As well as new designs, Iittala demonstrates is longevity by still producing designs originally created 80 years ago.

"As a company based in Scandinavia, where quality, aesthetics and functionality are important values, Iittala believes in design that lasts a lifetime," said the brand.

"We believe people have the right to expect the design they buy to last a lifetime. We also see that the world is becoming more and more aware of the value of long-lasting design," added Iittala.

"We believe quality never goes out of fashion."

Teema Honey from Iittala for Dezeen x Planted
Teema Honey is a yellow version of Kaj Franck's original tableware

Teema Honey is one such example. Originally designed in the 1950s by leading Finnish designer Kaj Franck, the stackable range has been given a sunshine-yellow update for 2020.

Every dish is based on a simple geometric shape and is circular, triangular or square. Teema Honey is available as a full set or as individual pieces for those looking to update their existing Teema collection with a new colour.

Raami from Iittala for Dezeen x Planted
Raami tumblers are made entirely from recycled glass

Iittala's Raami collection represents the brands' commitment to sustainability. The limited-edition collection of tumblers is made of waste glass from the Iittala Glass Factory.

Designed by Jasper Morrison, the ribbed glasses are made from the material left over from the process of producing Iittala's mouth-blown Aalto vases and bowls. Raami contains no new materials, and have been given their own distinctive pale green tint.

"Waste glass products are equally durable, clear and high quality as those made of virgin material," said Iittala. "In the future, Iittala aims to utilise the majority of waste glass from its factory in the production of new glassware."

Nappula from Iittala for Dezeen x Planted
Nappula pots are designed to look good with or without plants

Iittala has two collections of vessels to help bring nature into the home: Ruutu, designed by Ronan
and Erwan Bouroullec, and Nappula by Matti Klenell. Called the Finnish word for diamond, Ruutu is a collection of geometric ceramic vases that are hollow cast and dip glazed to create a reflective finish.

Nappula, which means button, are ceramic plant pots designed to look good whether or not they currently have a plant in the, Klenell got the idea for Nappula's shape when he stumbled across the design of a table at the glass museum in the village of Nuutajärvi.

Iittala also offers stylish watering bottles in the form of glass bulbs that hold enough water to sustain the plant for a week.

Kuru from Iittala for Dezeen x Planted
Kuru ceramic dishes are for holding everyday objects

Kuru, designed by British-Canadian designer Philippe Malouin, is a collection of objects to display items in the home, encompassing ceramic bowls, a glass bowl and a glass vase.

Named after the Finnish word for gorge, the sculptural yet functional collection aims to channel the beautiful tranquillity of Finland's arctic valleys. Steep sides on the beige and moss-coloured dishes securely hold items such as keys and other items the owner needs to keep in reach, elevating the everyday.

Dezeen x Planted

Exhibitor: Iittala

Planted is a contemporary design event, which aims to reconnect cities with nature and will make its physical debut as part of London Design Festival alongside an online trailer for next year's main event.

The Planted x Dezeen collaboration presents a series of projects by international designers that align with the ideals of the Planted design event.