Upon chair by Sylvain Willenz for Zilio A&C

Upon chair by Sylvain Willenz for Zilio A&C

Dezeen Showroom: the Upon chair, created by Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz for Zilio A&C, features a curved plywood backrest that appears to rest atop its tubular metal frame without screws or supports.

Raised above the rest of the chair as if on a pedestal, the backrest is completely uninterrupted by any visible fixings.

Instead, it is anchored to the frame via a hidden, internal joint that maintains the chair's sleek, minimal design.

Upon chair by Sylvain Willenz for Zilio A&C
The chair's curved plywood backrest is connected to the frame via a hidden joint

The joint consists of three prongs, which protrude from the metal frame and fit snugly into three corresponding holes in the bottom of the backrest.

Eliminating all unnecessary fixings allows the backrest to have a much thinner profile, tapering out to a width of only six millimetres around the edges.

"There's something really light, graphic and pure about it,” said Willenz. "And it has some real character too."

Upon chair by Sylvain Willenz for Zilio A&C
The seat can be upholstered for added comfort

The slimline silhouette of the backrest also has the added benefit of allowing the chair to be easily stacked.

Willenz designed Upon to fit seamlessly into different settings, whether paired with a dining table or desk, while the plywood seat can be upholstered for added comfort.

Product: Upon chair
Designer: Sylvain Willenz
Brand: Zilio A&C
Contact adress: contact@zilioaldo.it

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