A kitchen with Smooth Finishes clay plaster walls by Clayworks

Smooth Finishes clay plasters by Clayworks

Dezeen Showroom: Clayworks has created a range of Smooth Finishes clay plasters that are made entirely from natural materials and offer seamless, earthy surface finishes.

UK brand Clayworks developed the Smooth Finishes series for use on internal walls and ceilings as a sustainable alternative to gypsum plasters and paints.

The plasters are made from a blend of unfired clays, minerals and natural pigments, which makes them compostable and free of toxic ingredients, VOCs and formaldehyde.

"Manufactured in Cornwall from abundant raw materials, they are amongst the most sustainable wall finishes available," explained the brand.

A kitchen with Smooth Finishes clay plaster walls by Clayworks
Clayworks' Smooth Finishes clay plaster offers a seamless finish

The aesthetic of the Smooth Finishes clay plasters are described by Clayworks as having a more delicate and "cloudy tone" than other similar products.

While they are a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional wall plasters, they have an equally soft and smooth aesthetic and can be easily applied with the same tools.

Natural pigments can also be used to colour the plasters to ensure they can be used in a vast range of spaces.

A wall with Smooth Finishes clay plaster by Clayworks
The plaster is designed to cover internal walls

"Clayworks Smooth Finishes provide a unique aesthetic – with a depth of cloudy tone and texture not found in conventional wall finishes," concluded the brand.

"A seamless finish, they are ready mixed in a wide range of naturally pigmented colours. Delicate, nuanced, everything softened by materials and the patina of earth, understated and natural – earthy tones."

Product: Smooth Finishes
Brand: Clayworks
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A room with Smooth Finishes clay plaster walls by Clayworks