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Hula 46 by Benjamin Hubert for Andreu World

Hula 46 bar stool by Benjamin Hubert for Andreu World

Dezeen Showroom: British industrial designer Benjamin Hubert has designed the aluminium Hula 46 bar stool, which comes in 10 colours, for Andreu World.

Hula 46 comes in white, black, rust red, terracotta, dark grey, sand, basalt, blue, green and camel colours.

Hula 46 in two colours by Benjamin Hubert for Andreu World
Above: Hula 46 comes in 10 colours. Top image: There is also a version with a backrest

Designed by Hubert for manufacturer Andreu World, it is has a frame composed of a round base and circular footrest made from injected aluminium.

The leg extends around the bottom of the seat, which is upholstered in fabric that is coloured to match the aluminium.

Detail of Hula 46 by Benjamin Hubert for Andreu World
Upholstery is chosen to match the hues of the aluminium

"This stool is as functional as it is unique, it captures the eyes and defines the spaces where it is integrated," said manufacturer Andreu World.

The height of the Hula 46 stool is adjustable so it can suit a variety of uses – from dining tables and benches to work desks. There is also a version of the stool with a backrest for added comfort.

Product: Hula 46
Designer: Benjamin Hubert
Brand: Andreu World
Contact: [email protected]

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