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Geberit's Sigma80 actuator plate in a bathroom

Sigma80 touchless actuator plate by Geberit

Dezeen showroom: Swiss bathroom brand Geberit's Sigma80 touchless actuator plate was designed to operate a dual touch flush system and can be adapted to suit the interior design of the user's bathroom.

Sigma80 is a black or metal-coated glass plate designed to appear to float in front of the wall it is affixed to. The electronic actuator uses infrared (IR) sensors to enable users to flush the toilet without touching the plate..

"Recent surveys have revealed that fewer and fewer bathroom users are happy to actuate the flushing process manually – instead, they are increasingly looking for sanitary technology that features touchless operation," Geberit said.

Black Sigma80 on the wall
The lights on the Sigma80 can be adapted to match the bathroom design

Users hold their hand in front of either the larger or smaller light field to actuate the flush, and the actuator plate lights up to signal that it has been activated. The plate can also be customised so that it flushes automatically when the toilet is used.

Its lights on the panel can also be adapted to its surroundings, with five different colours available, and users can also choose if they want the two LED light fields to be lit up continuously or only when the plate's sensor technology detects that the toilet is in use.

Product: Sigma80
Brand: Geberit
Contact: [email protected]

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