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Monforte soundproof partition by Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC

Monforte soundproof partition by Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC Project Partners

Dezeen Showroom: Monforte, created by Italian architect and designer Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC Project Partners, is a sculptural, undulating room divider that can be used to separate desks and entire self-enclosed meeting rooms.

The freestanding, mobile wall comes in different lengths from 120 to 190 centimetres and consists of a series of tubes wrapped in sound-absorbing Kvadrat fabrics.

As the screen is made up of individual modules, which are simply connected via a chain at the bottom, it can easily be reconfigured into different shapes.

Monforte soundproof partition by Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC
The Monforte room divider can be finished in a range of fabrics and colours including blush pink

Whether running between two tables to create privacy or curving into a snail-shaped wall around a breakout area, Monforte also acts as an acoustic panel to keep out ambient noise and allow for uninterrupted working.

"When I was designing this product I had a dream of a flexible sound-absorbing screen that can shape the space in a smart and fluid way," said Mangiarotti.

"Something that you can change easily depending on the activity you are doing but also something that has a beautiful texture and rhythm."

Product: Monforte
Designer: Raffaella Mangiarotti
Brand: IOC Project Partners
Contact: [email protected]

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