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Light Soy Table Lamp by Heliograf

Light Soy Table Lamp by Heliograf

Dezeen Showroom: Sydney-based studio Heliograf looked to the iconic soy fish packets you get with sushi for its Light Soy Table Lamp, which it designed to draw attention to the harm single-use plastic is doing to our oceans.

The idea was born when designers Jeffrey Simpson and Angus Ware, who both live by the coast, enjoyed some sushi and realised how much plastic waste came from just one meal.

Heliograf's Light Soy Table Lamp in an interior
The small plastic soy packages that come with sushi informed the lamp

Light Soy Table Lamp, which is made from mouth-blown borosilicate glass in the shape of soy sauce packaging, has power-coated aluminium accessories and comes in plastic-free, biodegradable packaging.

"We chose to flip the disposability of the original on its head by using premium materials and making something that will be treasured, not trashed," Simpson said.

The rechargable table lamp is modular, which allows parts to be swapped out and upgraded, and has an aluminium base and USB-C charging battery. Light Soy Table Lamp also comes in a pendant version and was longlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 in the lighting design category.

For each lamp sold, Heliograf has pledged to remove 50 pieces of plastic from the ocean.

Product: Light Soy Table Lamp
Brand: Heliograf
Contact: [email protected]

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Detailed shot of Heliograf's Light Soy Table Lamp
Heliograf's Light Soy Table Lamp on a table