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Floor lamp version of Bombori by Boffi

Bombori handmade washi paper lamp by Time & Style for Boffi De Padova

Dezeen Showroom: Bombori is a lighting design created by Japanese brand Time & Style for furniture makers Boffi De Padova, which is made from traditional materials such as washi paper.

The handmade Bombori lamp has a frame made of Akita cedar wood with thin, translucent Mino washi paper stretched over the top.

Bombori pendant lamp by Boffi
Top: Bombori as a floor lamp. Above: the lamp can also be a pendant

"It transforms light into poetry that merges strength, stability and grace – recurring elements of Japanese tales," said Boffi De Padova.

The rounded light is available as a pendant or a floor lamp, with a stand made of powder-coated steel.

Product: Bombori
Designer: Time & Style
Brand: Boffi De Padova
Contact: [email protected]

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Washi paper lamp Bombori by Boffi
Close up of Bombori by Boffi
Cedar wood frame of Bombori by Boffi
Bombori by Boffi