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Inset flooring collection by Patcraft

Patcraft's Inset flooring collection resembles wood and concrete

Dezeen Showroom: commercial flooring manufacturer Patcraft has released a range of wood- and concrete-effect flooring with diagonal metallic inlays.

The Inset collection comprises vinyl-covered planks similar to parquet, that are designed to resemble different woods and concrete finishes and topped off with bronze, silver or gold metallic strips.

Thanks to their angled position, these accents create a playful finish when part of a whole floor.

Inset collection of wood-and concrete-effect flooring by Patcraft
Patcraft has released a collection of wood- and concrete-effect flooring

The range is available in 18 by 36-inch planks that can be laid in a scattered formation to seamlessly blend from one finish to another.

According to Patcraft's senior hard-surface designer Kelly Williams, Inset was informed by the technique of parquetry and the way it creates decorative, geometric effects.

Inset collection of wood-and concrete-effect flooring by Patcraft
Metallic accents run diagonally across the planks

"The initial vision for this collection was inspired by parquet flooring designs and the eclectic mix of materials within interior design," she said.

"We explored a modern take on this parquetry aesthetic, incorporating both wood and concrete visuals and adding metallic detailing for a dynamic effect."

"The unique product allows for flexibility in design while adding warmth and a subtle radiance to commercial spaces," she added.

Product: Inset
Brand: Patcraft
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