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Tempo adjustable table by Tenho Design

Tempo adjustable table by Tenho Design

Dezeen Showroom: Scandinavian brand Tenho Design has created a birch wood table that can be set to different heights and used for anything from dining to working.

Called Tempo, the multifunctional table features an electrically adjustable pillar that allows it to be lowered or raised depending on the desired function.

Users' height preferences can be saved via a controller or mobile app, meaning different members from the same household can quickly adjust it to their needs.

The Tempo electric table by Tenho Design as a standing desk
The fully extended Tempo table can be used as a standing desk

Tempo was developed in response to the dramatic rise in people working from home, particularly in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The intention is to encourage people who lack suitable home offices to place more emphasis on maintaining healthy sitting habits.

A Tempo electric table by Tenho Design with a low-height setting
Its lowest setting allows it to be used as a regular desk or dining table

"At home, ergonomics all too often remain secondary. Persistent neck, back and shoulder pain can result," explained Tenho Design.

"The aim was to build a multi-purpose table, which is a classy piece of furniture itself," the brand continued. "Once you have done your work, you can have a drink or perhaps enjoy your meal on the table."

A Tempo electric table by Tenho Design with a low-height setting
The table is built from durable birch wood

The Tempo table is made almost entirely from Nordic birch wood, helping to conceal the electric motor that controls the table's height.

Tenho Design chose birch as it can be sourced and crafted locally while being durable and easy to clean.

Product: Tempo
Brand: Tenho Design
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