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Soft Fronda stool and chair by Industrial Facility for Mattiazzi

Fronda table and upholstered seating by Industrial Facility for Mattiazzi

Dezeen Showroom: London studio Industrial Facility has updated its Fronda family of seating for Mattiazzi with the addition of upholstery and a matching desk cum dining table.

Designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin left the distinctive shape of the original Fronda stool and chair – as well as the shelf wedged between their two legs – largely untouched.

But their ergonomic, metal seat is now covered in a subtle layer of upholstery, which seems to melt into their frames and allows the designs to fit more comfortably into a home interior.

Fronda table and Soft Fronda stool and chair by Industrial Facility for Mattiazzi
The Fronda product family now includes an upholstered stool and chair as well as a table

"For Soft Fronda, we use the original metal seat as the foundation for upholstery that is seamless, so there is no visible stitching," said Hecht.

"This gives an experience of visual softness in interiors, with the fabric seat bridging each side of the wooden structure."

The accompanying Fronda table features power outlets hidden below its surface, which allow the piece to transition easily from a home office setup to a long dining table.

Upholstery of Soft Fronda stool by Industrial Facility for Mattiazzi
Soft Fronda's upholstery blends seamlessly into the frame

"We wanted to avoid the strange leap that occurs when a graceful table needs to accommodate power – they all appear so technical," Colin added.

"Instead, the Fronda table maintains a visual simplicity and quietly gives another dimension of performance."

Product: Fronda collection
Designer: Industrial Facility
Brand: Mattiazzi
Contact: [email protected]

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