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Zampa chair in black and wood by Jasper Morrison for Mattiazzi

Zampa chair by Jasper Morrison for Mattiazzi

Dezeen Showroom: British designer Jasper Morrison has developed a simple, wooden chair for Mattiazzi that is a "protest against fashion and fakeness" in the furniture industry.

Called Zampa, the seat is an evolution of a stool of the same name, which Morrison designed for the Italian furniture maker in 2019.

Like its forebearer, the chair features playfully sloped legs and what the designer describes as a simple, "unopinionated" frame with a curved backrest.

Zampa chairs and stools by Jasper Morrison for Mattiazzi
The Zampa range now includes a low and high stool as well as the newly released chair

Morrison was originally inspired by a series of old, vernacular country stools, which distilled the idea of a seat to its core function.

"Their charm and character are irresistible, though they couldn't be more everyday in a practical sense," he said.

"The seat is flat and quite thin, so the expression is as direct as possible. It's a little bit of a protest against fashion and fakeness in our industry."

Product: Zampa chair
Designer: Jasper Morrison
Brand: Mattiazzi
Contact: [email protected]

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