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UNStudio designs Soliscape adaptive lighting and acoustic system for Delta Light

Dezeen promotion: Dutch architecture firm UNStudio has collaborated with lighting brand Delta Light on a minimalist product family that uses sensor technology to adapt to different work environments.

Soliscape is a versatile and responsive lighting system intended to create more human-centric spaces that adapt based on users' immediate behaviour and needs.

Through their collaboration, UNStudio and Delta Light aim to create sensor-based environments that respond, learn and adjust to people's daily activities – taking smart buildings towards responsive architecture.

SoliScape by UNStudio for Delta Light
Delta Light's Soliscape system was designed by UNStudio to adapt to ever-changing environments

"Numerous environmental factors directly affect our wellbeing and our health, including light, sound, scent, air quality and temperature," said UNStudio founding partner Ben van Berkel.

"With the Soliscape system, we have combined two of these facets – sound and light – to create sensory 'interior landscapes' that can support people in their daily activities. Soliscape can also connect to systems already in place to improve the other key environmental factors."

SoliScape in an office
Using digitally connected sensors to detect changes in activity, the lighting and acoustics adjust accordingly

Soliscape (sound- and light-scape) is designed as a "toolbox" of flexible components that combine to create minimalist fixtures.

Suspended on thin wires, disk-shaped acoustic panels can be hung individually or fitted onto a modular frame.

Lighting system
A "toolbox" of components can be combined in a variety of configurations

The Soliscape system comes with spot, direct and indirect linear lighting elements, which connect to or are incorporated into the rail-like frame.

The lights feature Delta Light's Melanopic Light Technology, combining high-efficient reflectors with human-centric LED technology that is intended to help control circadian rhythm.

A variety of colour options are available for each of the hardware components, which can be mixed and matched to complement other interior design features.

Lighting and sound system in a home space
The Soliscape system is also suitable for retail, hospitality and other public spaces

Due to their flexible nature, the Soliscape products can also be configured for hospitality, retail and public projects. The system is particularly well-suited to spaces with hybrid functions since lighting automatically adjusts when a change of use is detected.

Delta Light worked with UNStudio's in-house UNSx team to develop a system that would allow new materials and functions to be added in the future, as connected spaces continue to evolve.

Live-work area
The system works particularly well in multi-function spaces, like live-work areas

"We believe that human health and wellbeing form the impetus for a new era of design, and that the incorporation of new and emerging technologies in the built environment plays a central role in this," van Berkel said.

"It is not the hardware or the software itself that interests me, but how it can be applied within architecture and urban design to improve our daily lives."

SoliScape by UNStudio for Delta Light
Soliscape can connect to any digital building management system

Belgian brand Delta Light celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019, and is currently working worldwide on projects ranging from small to very large scale.

To find out more about Soliscape and other Delta Light products, visit the brand's website.

Product: Soliscape
Designer: UNStudio
Brand: Delta Light

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