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Font sofa system armchair and curved sofa

Font sofa system by Matti Klenell for Offecct

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish designer Matti Klenell has added to his Font seating system for Flokk-owned brand Offecct, expanding on a design originally developed for Stockholm's Nationalmuseum.

The Font system builds on the sofa that Klenell created for the museum's 2018 reopening, which included a furniture collaboration with local designers drawing on the institution's history.

Font seating system sofa
The Font system builds on Klenell's sofa design for the Swedish Nationalmuseum

The sofa's minimal form and tubular backrest are at the core of the modular system. In addition to the straight and rounded sofa variations that launched in 2018, the Font system now includes an armchair, straight benches and modules that curve to make outward-facing, doughnut-shaped seating.

"From the start, the idea with the system was that it could grow out of the museum and be used in many different public spaces," said Klenell. "That's exactly what has happened and with the new parts, the flexibility and versatility have become even greater and so have the possibilities."

Font sofa in terracotta leather with a glass of water balanced on it
The new modules include an armchair, straight benches and outward-curving seating

The name Font is a nod to the furniture's graphic simplicity, and the way its straight and curved modules combine to create various formations.

"Font is based on reduction and the shape felt just right for me from the first moment, with a refined simplicity and good comfort," said Klenell.

Product: Font
Designer: Matti Klenell
Brand: Offecct
Contact: [email protected]

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