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Arch side table by Elan Atelier

Arch side table by Elan Atelier

Dezeen Showroom: the top of the Arch side table by international furniture brand Elan Atelier looks like stone but is actually parchment-wrapped bronze.

All of the brand's bronze items, including the Arch table, are cast using the lost wax technique and finished by hand.

Top of round Arch side table by Elan Atelier
Arch's tabletop looks like stone but is actually bronze wrapped in parchment

The tables feature an off-white Chablis parchment finish on top and a gradient Flaxen Bronze base that darkens in colour towards the bottom.

Alternatively, the tables can be customised with Jade, Angora, Ruby or Truffle coloured parchment and Antique Bronze or Black Bronze finishes for the base.

Round Arch side table by Elan Atelier
The tables are finished with a Chablis top and Flaxen Bronze base

As well as the standard round and rectangular side table models and a more elongated console version, the design can be ordered in custom sizes including those suited for a coffee table.

Elan Atelier was founded in 2014 by Alison Legge and Christopher Noto and has worked with commercial clients including Aman Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels and GHM Hotels and Resorts.

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Brand: Elan Atelier
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Arch side table by Elan Atelier
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