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Dew & Drop pendant light by Ocrum Studios

Dew & Drop pendant light by Ocrum Studios

Dezeen Showroom: New York's Ocrum Studios has created a pendant lamp from two hand-blown glass hemispheres, designed to resemble a dewdrop in the moment before it falls.

The two halves that make up the whole Dew & Drop light are mounted on a single fixture, one nestled into the other and an LED light cradled in their midst.

Render of the Dew & Drop light in an interior
The light can be hung on its own or in a cluster

Since the bulbous glass shades are fragile yet heavy, their suspension required a lengthy process of prototyping and experimentation.

Their thickness and curvature was devised to trap light and reflect it in different directions, mirroring the natural play of sunlight on water.

Dew & Drop light by Ocrum Studios
It consists of two glass hemispheres

"I have a particular attraction to the idea of recreating water through glass, using the fragility of the material to convey the sense of ephemeral lightness inherent to water," said Ocrum Studios founder Sean Zhang.

Zhang describes the final result as "somewhat of a whisper", able to fit into almost any environment.

Product: Dew & Drop
Brand: Ocrum Studios
Contact: [email protected]

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