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Black Type 80 W3 by Anglepoise in a hallway

Type 80 W2 and W3 wall lights by Anglepoise

Dezeen Showroom: British lighting brand Anglepoise has added two new lights to its Type 80 collection, which was originally designed by industrial designer Kenneth Grange in 2019.

The newcomers, named the Type 80 W2 and W3, feature the same angular arm and conical shade as Grange's original desk lamp but the style has been translated into a pair of wall fixtures.

The Type 80 W3 has three jointsBoth have precisely engineered, flexible joints that allow the lamp to be pointed straight up towards the ceiling or diagonally down towards the floor.

The Type 80 W2 has a shorter arm that reaches up to 25 centimetres and is suitable as a reading light, while the W3's arm stretches out to 75 centimetres and is connected by three different joints to provide task lighting in kitchens and hallways.

Grey Type 80 W3 by Anglepoise in an office
The Type 80 W3 has three joints

The lamps are available in a matt black or light grey colour, as well as with or without a cable.

Like all of Anglepoise's products, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Product: Type 80 W2 and W3 wall light
Brand: Anglepoise
Contact: [email protected]

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