MOODMOON has LED light settings

Moodmoon wall light by Sebastian Hepting for Ingo Maurer

Dezeen Showroom: the changing light of the moon informed this decorative wall light made from Japanese paper, designed by Sebastian Hepting for Ingo Maurer.

Moodmoon allows users to set their chosen light preferences depending on their desired atmosphere.

The design incorporates various LED light points that can be individually controlled and programmed via an app, altering the wall light's colour sequences at a chosen speed.

An orange colour sequence
Moodmoon comes programmed with 14 different colour sequences

Each colour sequence relates to one of 14 "moods" offered by the wall light, including "red sun" and "underwater".

As well as the LEDs, Moodmoon's Japanese paper plays an important part in creating different colour sequences.

Each sheet is unique due to the irregular structure of its fibres, creating translucent spots that result in combinations of shadows and colourful glare-free luminance when the light shines through.

A closeup of Japanese paper
Each sheet of Japanese paper used to create the wall light is unique

"Finest Japanese paper with a lively surface is characteristic of numerous Ingo Maurer luminaires, and gives the Moodmoon its special expression," said Claude Maurer, CEO of Ingo Maurer.

"In combination with LED technology, it creates a wide variety of lighting moods for versatile use from the private sphere to professional use," he continued.

Moodmoon is engineered to positively influence users' emotional wellbeing, particularly during extended periods of time spent indoors.

MOODMOON colour options
The lighting colours are intended to promote emotional wellbeing

A white-blue stimulating "mood" is optimal for working hours, while a softer setting is better suited for moments of relaxation.

"The colour changes are consciously programmed for mindful perception and have a relaxing effect," said Munich-based designer Hepting.

Moodmoon is available in round and square formats, each in two sizes.

Designer: Sebastian Hepting
Brand: Ingo Maurer GmbH
Contact: [email protected] 

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MOODMOON comes in fourteen different colour "moods"
Japanese paper creates shadows
Each sheet of Japanese paper is unique
The "red sun" setting
A whiter colour option
Users can alter their colour setting depending on their mood
Blue colour moods
MOODMOON comes in circular and square options
A bright blue colour setting
LED light points give MOODMOON its different colour options