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Quadronno by IOC Project Partners

Quadronno storage system by IOC Project Partners

Dezeen Showroom: Quadranno is a lacquered storage system with doors, drawers and compartments designed by office furniture brand IOC Project Partners.

The storage system is available in two versions: fixed to the wall, or freestanding so that it can double as a functional room divider.

Quadronno by IOC Project Partners in an office interior
Quadronno has a mix of shelves and cupboards

"It's ideal for the organisation of spaces and the creation of separate areas," said IOC Project Partners.

"There are options of alternating full height doors, lacquered open compartments and, as necessary, drawers with extractable frames for filing."

Quadronno in an office
The storage has white lacquer doors

Open shelves can be used for displaying books and objects, while the cupboard doors and drawers can store more private or less aesthetic office equipment.

Product: Quadronno
Brand: IOC Project Partners
Contact: [email protected]

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