Two Cross Chairs by Takt

Cross chair by Pearson Lloyd for Takt

Dezeen Showroom: Pearson Lloyd has designed the wooden Cross chair for Danish furniture brand Takt to be easily taken apart, repaired and recycled.

The Cross chair owes its name to the distinctive intersecting slats that hold up its seat and anchor the four legs.

Cross Chair by Pearson Loyd for Takt as seen from the front
The chair comes in a light oak finish

This structure can be disassembled in only a few moves so that broken parts can be replaced where necessary and the entire chair can be recycled at the end of its life.The Cross chair is made using only wood from FSC-certified forests, which are not harvested faster than they can regenerate.

Underside of Cross Chair in oiled oak
It is named after its cross-shaped base

Tested and approved for contract use, the pared-back design is available in an oiled, lacquered or smoked oak finish, with the option of adding upholstery in an array of different fabrics.

Without upholstery, the design emits 13.8kg of carbon throughout its production, which is equivalent to 83 hours of Netflix streaming.

Like all Takt furniture, the Cross chair comes with a five-year warranty and is certified with the EU Ecolabel, guaranteeing that every stage of its production cycle meets stringent environmental standards.

Product: Cross chair
Pearson Lloyd
Brand: Takt
Contact: [email protected]

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The chair gets its name from its trademark cross structure
The chair is designed so that it can be easily dismantled
Cross Chair is flat-packed in various parts
Cross Chair dismantled
Cross Chair is designed with sustainability in mind
The chair's wood finish and upholstery can be mixed and matched
Cross Chair is designed to have an extended lifetime