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Chic Lounge for Profim in a commercial interior

Chic Lounge by Christophe Pillet for Profim

Dezeen Showroom: French designer Christophe Pillet has created the Chic Lounge chair for Flokk-owned furniture brand Profim to offer a comfortable seat during informal meetings.

Designed for casual meeting places and relaxation areas such as hotel lobbies, the Chic Lounge features a curved metal base and low-slung seat.

Chic Lounge with a cusion
Chic Lounge is available with a matching cushion

"The chairs are extremely comfortable, encouraging informal meetings over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine," said Profim.

"The collection is distinguished by minimalist, elegant design, while the style is dominated by subtle forms that blend perfectly with many different spaces," the brand added. "There is no exaggeration, no unnecessary elements in the design. It is stylish, soft and flowing."

Christophe Pillet designs chair for Profim
The chair also comes with a low back

The Chic Lounge comes with a high or low backrest, as well as with a matching cushion and footrest. The chair is also available in a version that rocks slightly for added comfort.

Product: Chic Lounge
Designer: Christophe Pillet
Brand: Profim
Contact: [email protected]

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