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RBM u-Connect by Flokk

Acer Design creates RBM u-Connect table for Flokk

Dezeen Showroom: Norwegian studio Acer Design has created the RBM u-Connect table on wheels for Scandinavian furniture manufacturer Flokk.

RBM u-Connect has a light aluminium frame mounted on castors and a tabletop that can fold away when not in use.

RBM u-Connect in an office interior
The RBM u-Connect is mounted on castors

"RBM u-Connect on wheels combines contemporary design with unique architectural qualities. The result is a highly functional table," said Flokk.

"Being light and flexible, you can quickly reconfigure any seating arrangements, helping to boost the energy levels of any creative ad agency, mobile office or assembly room."

Folded and stacked tables by Flokk
The table can be folded away and stacked

Acer Design, a studio led by Justus Kolberg and Erik Simonsen, created the table as a useful and flexible piece of Scandinavian design.

The tabletop is available in a range of colours in laminate or melamine beech and can be folded away to one side to allow the tables to be stacked together.

RBM u-Connect in a home interior
RBM u-Connect could also be a used as a flexible dining table

"RBM Connect gives you the flexibility to change the use of a room in a simple and fast way," said Flokk.

"Work, learn, discuss, concentrate, meet, eat – and when you need space for the yoga session in the evening, the tables are easily stowed away."

Product: RMB u-Connect
Designer: Acer Design
Brand: Flokk
Contact: [email protected]

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