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Launched last year, Dezeen Events Guide is the world's most popular guide to design weeks, conferences, exhibitions and other key happenings relating to architecture and design.

It contains details of hundreds of events in every corner of the world, with listings that can be filtered according to location, type and date.

With over 250,000 visits so far and the highest search ranking of any design listings site, Dezeen Events Guide is the leading destination for finding out about everything from major festivals to small shows and discussions.

It lists both real-world events and virtual happenings such as online talks and webinars.

During the pandemic, Dezeen Events Guide has also maintained an up-to-date guide to all the events impacted by Covid-19.

Listing an event on Dezeen Events Guide is simple and affordable. Check out our prices here, including details of how events can partner with Dezeen to co-curate compelling content to promote upcoming events or to share details of ones that have already happened.

The top image shows Backstage, a Copenhagen exhibition that focuses on the behind-the-scenes processes of architects and urban planners when creating buildings and urban spaces.

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