Aerial shot of the Ribs outdoor bench by Stefan Lie for DesignByThem

Ribs outdoor bench by Stefan Lie for DesignByThem

Dezeen Showroom: Sydney studio DesignByThem has released an outdoor version of the Ribs bench, which was designed by Stefan Lie in 1998 and features a flexible spine that can be arranged into different positions.

As its name suggests, the Ribs bench has an adaptive, skeletal form that resembles a ribcage.

"Depending on how it's positioned, it can have a linear edge and rest against a wall or sofa, or it can curve on two sides," said Lie. "Often, it is used as a sculptural piece. It's also been purchased in a series and arranged to create a long, sinuous bench in public foyers."

Gif of an adaptable bench created by Stefan Lie for DesignByThem
The Ribs outdoor bench can be adjusted using its flexible spine

Originally rendered in timber, the design has now been reimagined for the outdoors in powder-coated aluminium, which is light and easily moveable while able to withstand the elements.

The release comes after Lie created a limited-edition, polished aluminium version of the Ribs bench back in 2003 to celebrate the design's fifth anniversary.

Frontal view of the Ribs outdoor bench
The bench was designed to resemble a ribcage

"It was difficult to make and I only produced two," Lie explained.

"Putting it into production was a challenge because back in the late 90s, no one was interested in taking it on because it looked too complicated to make. Luckily, that has changed dramatically in the last few years."

The Ribs outdoor bench comes in a bone white, light grey, black or navy finish and is also available with a fixed spine for busy, commercial settings.

Product: Ribs outdoor bench
Brand: DesignByThem
Designer: Stefan Lie
Contact: [email protected]

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