Paonazzo Biondo surfacing by Porcelanosa in a kitchen

Paonazzo Biondo surfacing by Porcelanosa

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish brand Porcelanosa has launched a marble-effect finish called Paonazzo Biondo that can be used as both a wall covering and flooring.

Paonazzo Biondo, designed by Porcelanosa as part of its XTone series, has an ivory backdrop decorated with delicate veining in hues of gold, caramel, sage and deep merlot red.

Alongside wall and floor coverings, the product can be used to decorate countertops, tables and furniture.

A marble-effect wall covering
Paonazzo Biondo is a marble-effect surface material

"Innovative digital printing has allowed us to create a product that is reminiscent of palatial opulence yet still remains contemporary," says Porcelanosa's managing director Juan Bodi.

"What's more, this series offers endless possibilities to create a unique space."

A marble-effect wall
Paonazzo Biondo can be used as a wall covering

According to Porcelanosa, Paonazzo Biondo surfaces are made using 40 per cent recycled materials and can also be fully recycled at the end of their life.

To ensure longevity, the finish is resistant to water, scratches and stains, making it ideally suited for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

A white bathroom with marble-effect walls
It features caramel, sage and merlot-hued veins

The surfacing comes in panels of four different formats, ranging from square units to longer rectangular ones.

All are available with silk or polished finishes and can be installed as an "infinite horizontal continuous design" – meaning the marble-like veins align to create a seamless transition between panels.

Porcelanosa is part of Tile of Spain, an association of 125 Spanish tile manufacturers.

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