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Lixio flooring by Ideal Work

Lixio flooring by Ideal Work

Dezeen Showroom: Italian finishes brand Ideal Work has created a modern take on traditional Venetian flooring with cement-based product Lixio.

Lixio is flooring that combines a cement base with Italian marble aggregates, which are mixed in a selection of colours and finishes.

Lixio flooring is by Ideal Work
Lixio takes cues from traditional Venetian flooring

The versatile flooring takes cues from traditional Venetian floors, which have lined terraces in Venice since the Renaissance, and matches a variety of surfaces such as natural stone, wood or metal.

With the ability to be installed just five-to-six millimetres thick, Lixio requires no joints, and creates a continuous slab of flooring that can be applied to a surface without limits or interruptions.

The flooring can be used inside and outside
The product can be installed inside and outside

Ideal Work flooring is suitable for use both inside and outside, with slip-resistant and anti-UV qualities. Lixio can withstand abrasive traffic, making it appropriate for commercial projects.

The flooring brand reproduced ancient artisanal skills in order to create the flooring, referencing traditional Venetian craftsmanship.

Product: Lixio
Brand: Ideal Work

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Lixio flooring by Ideal Work
Lixio flooring by Ideal Work
Lixio flooring by Ideal Work
Lixio flooring by Ideal Work