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Lintex Unit by Halleroed for Lintex

Dezeen Showroom: Lintex Unit is a mobile room divider designed by Halleroed for Lintex that was created to meet the evolving needs of work areas and shared spaces.

The Lintex Unit is a mobile room divider that can easily transform from a fixed object to a mobile divider through its retractable wheels.

It can be used as a space divider and notice board
The Lintex Unit is available in two colour options

The design is available in both a portrait and landscape format, and finished with a pearl white or grey textured lacquer. Its feet also come with the same lacquer finish, or alternatively can be ordered in solid oak.

The divider can be fitted with magnetic glass writing surfaces or acoustic absorbing fabrics that allow it to be used as a writing and display board.

Feet conceal retractable wheels
The unit has retractable wheels

The Lintex Unit aims to respond to the changing demand for shared workspaces, allowing spaces to be easily reconfigured through its flexible partition.

Product: Lintex Unit
Designer: Halleroed
Brand: Lintex
Contact: [email protected]

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