AXOR One faucet by Barber & Osgerby

AXOR launches minimalist collection of faucets by Barber and Osgerby

Dezeen promotion: bathroom and kitchen manufacturer AXOR has launched a range of faucets called AXOR One, created by British design duo Barber and Osgerby.

The collection features 31 technology-driven mixers and shower pipes for bathtubs, washbasins, and showers that come in various shades ranging from chrome to matt black.

Bathroom featuring the AXOR One faucet by Barber & Osgerby
British duo Barber and Osgerby designed the AXOR One faucets to be simple and timeless

"Following the introduction of the interactive control element for the shower (2015) and the corresponding hand-held shower (2017), AXOR now presents complementary products for the AXOR One collection for washbasin, bathtub and shower at the Hansgrohe Group Aqua Days," explained AXOR.

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby's designs explore how users interact and experience products. Their portfolio includes the 2012 Olympic Torch and the two-pound coin for the Royal Mint in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the London Underground.

Bathroom featuring the AXOR One faucet by Barber & Osgerby
Products in the range come in chrome, matt black and a variety of other AXOR FinishPlus surface treatments

AXOR One offers a new way of interacting with bathroom devices while enhancing their functionality and user control for "ultra-precise" water and temperature control.

Here, traditional bathroom faucets are reinvented, and instead, inhabit the space between furniture, industrial design and architecture.

Bathroom featuring the AXOR One faucet by Barber & Osgerby
AXOR intends its collection to turn any bathroom into an oasis for wellbeing

"Timeless by design, and available in chrome, matt black and an array of exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, AXOR One brings exquisite elegance to any bathroom," said the brand.

The collection is an example of AXOR's approach to the home as an "oasis-like space" where bathrooms are considered personal retreat spaces that restore wellbeing.

Bathroom featuring the AXOR One faucet by Barber & Osgerby
The products are integrated with interactive technologies

"Powered by advanced 'select' technology, the faucet establishes a new mode of interaction: press down on its all-in-one controller to start or stop the water; turn clockwise to increase the temperature," said the brand.

The range is part of AXOR's Future Living drive, which explores the idea of "compact luxury" with designs that are responsive to users' needs and wellbeing.

Bathroom featuring the AXOR One faucet by Barber & Osgerby
The AXOR One range also embodies the brand's ethos of "compact luxury"

"Together with one of the leading international consulting firms on future trends, The Future Laboratory, AXOR has dedicated itself to the topic of Compact Luxury, exploring the megatrend of urbanisation," said AXOR.

"The aim is to bring architects and interior designers into exchange in order to gain new ideas, insights and inspiration for a new meaning of luxury in the urban environment."

Find out more about AXOR One on the company's website.

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