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Danish tray table design

Bølling Tray Table by Hans Bølling for Brdr Krüger

Dezeen Showroom: design studio Brdr Krüger has updated a wooden tray table created in 1963 by Danish architect Hans Bølling.

The handcrafted design is made in Værløse, Denmark, and now comes in seven colour pairings influenced by nature – from the dark green shades found in moss to the warm hues of clay.

Tray table
The tray table was designed by Danish architect Hans Bølling

"The colours are carefully selected in collaboration with Hans Bølling," said Brdr Krüger.

"Classic natural colours are complimented with new inspiring tones. A synergy of timelessness and contemporary spirit."

 Hans Bølling's tray table
The table is made in Værløse, Denmark

Although a minimalist design, the tray table is "playful" and features two reversible trays of moulded wood and laminate.

Each tray has a different colour on each side that can be changed, allowing users to flip and swap the look as desired.

The colours are matched in harmonious contrasts while balancing with the wood tones available in oak, smoked oak, beech and walnut.

Laminate and wood tray table
It has two reversible trays of moulded wood and laminate

The design can be easily folded and manoeuvred into a flat pack without the need for tools.

"Hans Bøllings Bakkebord perfectly reflects Brdr Krüger's philosophy of creating honest and original design, with long durability," said the brand.

Photography is by Michael Rygaard.

Product: Hans Bølling's tray table
Brand: Brdr Krüger
Designer: Hans Bølling
Contact: [email protected]

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