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A white room with pink and green rugs

Bolon R made-to-measure rug collection by Bolon

Dezeen Showroom: woven vinyl flooring manufacturer Bolon has launched a collection of made-to-measure rugs called Bolon R that is suitable for high-footfall, commercial interiors.

The rugs are available in durable materials from all of Bolon's original collections and the Bolon by You range, ensuring a variety of options "for any environment or project".

A pair of square mustard-coloured Bolon R rugs
Bolon has launched a range of made-to-measure rugs

Bolon's aim for the collection is to offer more decorative flooring options for spaces where its wall-to-wall coverings are not suitable.

"We see big potential for our rugs, as we give the customers endless options to select just the right design, trimming and size for their specific project," explained the brand's head of product management Klara Persson.

A white room with long terracotta-coloured rugs
The rugs are available in a range of materials

The Bolon R rugs are available in sizes ranging from two by two metres to a maximum of four by eight metres. Sizes under and over this range are handled on request.

There are also eight options for edge trimmings. As with all Bolon flooring collections, the products are made using recycled materials.

Product: Bolon R rugs
Brand: Bolon
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