Euro football kits

Euro 2020 kits feature hand-painted details and renaissance-informed patterns

To mark today's kick-off of the coronavirus-delayed Euro 2020 football tournament, we have rounded up the kits of all 24 teams playing in the championship.

Austria home kit

Austria by Puma

Made by Puma, Austria's home kit is in its traditional red and white colours.

According to the designers, the main body of the shirt features an all-over stylized pattern informed by the Vienna Secession art nouveau movement of the late 19th century.

Belgium kit for Euro 2020

Belgium by Adidas

Adidas' Belgium home shirt was designed to "celebrate the strong and progressive colours of the nation's flag".

The red shirt is crossed with black and darker red brushstrokes that form the letter B on the front of the shirt. It is completed with yellow trim – the third colour in the Belgium flag.

Croatia football kit for Euro 2020 by Nike

Croatia by Nike

As with previous home shirts, Croatia's kit for Euro 2020 is covered in its signature red and white checks. This year's kit seems the checks extended to the shirt's sleeves.

"The home is like a classic shirt, but given a modern update," said Croatia national team captain Luka Modric. "The checks are the size I remember from when I was younger."

Puma kit for Switzerland

Czech Republic by Puma

Czech Republic's home kit for the tournament incorporates a graphic informed by the Slavic symbol for freedom, a Lípa tree.

The angular graphic print covers the whole red shirt.

Denmark shirt by Hummel

Denmark by Hummel

Denmark's traditional red and white shirt incorporates a graphic representation of the sound created by the country's fans at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, which will host games during the tournament.

The subtle soundwave graphic was weaved into the front of the shirt and is repeated inside its collar.

England football kit for Euro 2020

England by Nike

England's traditional white home shirt has a dark blue crew neck and side stripes detailed with red and blue lines.

The Three Lions crest, Nike logo and single star representing the World Cup victory in 1966 are aligned down the centre of the shirt.

"We're united in our goal of representing our fans far and wide," said England captain Harry Kane. "This collection captures that feeling of togetherness we hold so dearly."

Finland football kit

Finland by Nike

Nike's design for Finland's Euro kit "leans heavily on the flag", said its designers.

A vertical stripe across the white shirt that fades from dark to royal blue is crossed by a horizontal strip incorporating the team's badge to recreate the form of the country's flag.

France kit for Euro 2020

France by Nike

World Cup champions France's kit for the tournament will have alternating horizontal blue and dark blue stripes. A bright red stripe will run across the shirt's chest.

"I think two years ago we brought the country together, just like back in 1998," said France national team player Kylian Mbappé.

"Now we will wear a red stripe on our shirt just like they did."

Germany Euro 2020 kits

Germany by Adidas

Germany's home kit has a traditional white-coloured shirt wrapped in a series of black, "hand-painted" pinstripes.

The black-red-gold colours of the three-times winner's flag have been used around the shirt's sleeves.

Hungary football kit

Hungary by Adidas

Hungary's shirt was informed by the River Danube, which flows through the country.

Flowing stripes in various shades of red represent the river and are combined with white and green details as a nod towards the country's national flag.

Italy Euro 2020 shirt

Italy by Puma

The blue Italian home kit aims to celebrate Italy's past greatness. It was directly informed by the renaissance and incorporates a luxurious pattern across the shirt.

Inspired by this culture-defining era of art and architecture, the new Italy Home Kit reinterprets the renaissance patterns of the past into a modern geometric graphic, tonally incorporated into the blue jersey celebrating the nation's influence on world culture and football alike.

"During the renaissance, Italy was the epicentre of creativity and innovation," said David Bremond, head of product line management at Puma.

"Italy didn’t just influence the world; it redefined it. With this home kit we want to celebrate this era and craft this kit from Italy's most important cultural time."

The Netherlands Euro 2020 kit

The Netherlands by Nike

Designed to represent national pride, the Netherlands' orange kit incorporates an embossed face of a lion on its front.

"I've never seen anything like it, and I love the message it sends," said the Netherlands player Virgil van Dijk.

"We need to have the mentality of lions to be successful and we will show everyone just how proud and strong we are."

North Macedonia football shirt

North Macedonia by Jako

For North Macedonia's first appearance at a major tournament, Jako created a burgundy-coloured shirt that incorporates the face of a Balkan Lynx on its front.

However, the colour was a move away from the team's traditional shirts, which led to complaints by fans. In response, the country has reportedly dropped the new shirts and will play in the tournament in its previous kit.

Poland football kit

Poland by Nike

Nike designed Poland's kit to be reminiscent of shirts worn in the team's late 1970s and early 1980s "golden era", when it finished third at the 1982 World Cup.

The country's eagle crest was returned to the centre of the shirt, which has a fold-down collar.

"It's amazing to see the badge back in the middle of the shirts," said Poland player Sebastian Szymański.

"It makes you think of those great teams and players from the past and that will definitely inspire us. I also love all the special little touches on both the home and the away and I think the fans will too."

Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal kit

Portugal by Nike

Portugal will be playing in a "regal" kit designed to reflect its status as reigning European champions. The traditional red kit is paired with green and gold details.

"I think the home is a kit befitting a team of champions, while the away is all about flair, confidence and style — attributes that this team has in abundance," said Scott Munson, VP of football apparel at Nike.

Russia by Adidas

Like many of the shirts being worn at Euro 2020, Russia's kit incorporates the colours of the country's flag with blue reintroduced for this tournament's shirt.

The red main body of the shirt is decorated with a hand-painted graphic,while a blue band warps around the arms and white is used for the trim and stripes.

Scotland Euro 2020 kit

Scotland by Adidas

Adidas aimed to create a "hand-painted contemporary interpretation" of historic Scotland kits for the team's Euro 2020 kits.

The blue shirt has jagged bands of darker blue framed with black wrapped around it. Bands of red and white surround each sleeve.

Slovakia kit for Euro 2020

Slovakia by Nike

Nike's home kit for Slovakia features an abstract print that was designed to be a representation of the country's mountains.

The two-tone blue shirt is finished with dark blue trim.

Spain by Adidas

As with the majority of Adidas shirts being used at Euro 2020, the Spain kit is based on an original artwork.

Designed to be "a modern take on the beloved flag", the shirt features pixilated colours of deep red and burgundy that appear to divide the front of the kit into four.

Sweden by Adidas

Sweden's minimal home kit is almost entirely bright yellow with blue material used for the V-neck and around the sleeves.

Adidas describes the design as "a progressive interpretation of the Swedish flag" that "gives the shirt a fresh and clean feel".

Switzerland by Puma

Switzerland's largely plain red home kit was informed by the principles of the Swiss Style graphic design, which is also known as International Typographic Style.

The kit is decorated with several dark red lines that create an abstract graphic on the shirt.

Turkey soccer kut Euro 2020

Turkey by Nike

Turkey's white home kit for Euro 2020 has a thick red band across the crest with a crescent and star at the centre that directly recalls the country's flag.

"We wanted to capture the incredible passion for football in Turkey with a special design, so we boosted the size of the crescent and star to make them the focal point of the kits," said Nike's Munson.

Ukraine by Joma

Ukraine's yellow home shirt incorporates the outline of the country on its front.

The kit has been controversial as the outline includes Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014. This led to Russia making a complaint about the shirt to European football governing body UEFA.

Wales by Adidas

Wales by Adidas

Adidas' retro-looking home shirt was designed to celebrate Welsh culture and was informed by the banner of Owain Glyndŵr – a flag that was flown during wars with the English in the 15th century.

The shirt takes its red and gold colour from the historic banner, while green and white are incorporated on the sleeve as a nod towards the current Welsh flag.