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Circus chairs by Richard Trory for Edits

Circus Wood chair by Edits

Dezeen Showroom: Vancouver design studio Edits has created a dining chair that offers an updated version of the archetypal mid-century modern wooden chair.

Edits designed the Circus Wood chair to fit seamlessly into contemporary interiors while being informed by the heritage of Scandinavian chairs from the 20th century.

"It presents a clear statement about how wood chairs should be made in the 21st century," said the brand.

Wooden chairs around a grey table
Edits designed the Circus Wood chair as a nod to 20th century Scandinavian craftsmanship

Each chair is formed of four distinct elements – a pair of Y-shaped legs, a curved backrest and a wooden seat.

"Defined by a clear visual logic, three innovative construction details and advanced manufacturing are combined to achieve a minimal and elegant form," Edits continued.

"The symmetrical Y-legs articulate the lines of force supporting the occupant, while the curved backrest offers a generous embrace."

Aerial view of three Circus Wood chairs by Edits
The seat is made from ash wood

The seat is made from natural-white European ash and was created in partnership with one of the oldest family-owned wooden chair manufacturers in Italy.

It is also available with a range of coloured lacquers and with upholstered seat pads.

Green Circus Wood chair next to plants
The chairs are available in a range of coloured lacquers

"The result is an intelligent blend of advanced industrial production and atelier craftsmanship," said the brand.

"Production is maintained in small controlled batches with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship while industrial methods provide consistent precision and efficiency."

Product: Circus Wood chair
Brand: Edits
Contact: [email protected]

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