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Kadur Drizzle orb pendant lights by Shakúff

Dezeen Showroom: these orb-shaped pendant lights by design and manufacturing studio Shakúff are designed to make you feel as if you're "inside a snowglobe filled with soft rain".

Kadur Drizzle, a collection of glass pendant lights with a drizzle pattern, is made from molten pyrex glass. The lights, which each comprise two concentric orbs, are based on older Kadur models that have a similar shape.

"The Kadur Drizzle collection was born out of a challenge: how could we achieve a perfect glass shape within another?" the brand told Dezeen.

kadur drizzle lights in a living room
Top: Kadur Drizzle lights are designed to look like snowglobes. Above: the concentric orb design is based on Shakúff's original Kadur light

To create Kadur Drizzle, glassblowers use a straw to blow molten pyrex glass into a long oval. A piece of tubed glass is then fired into the hollow oval and used to create the drizzle effect.

Thin "hair-like" strands of melted glass are created inside the orb using tweezers, heat and the tube. As the glassblower continues to blow air into the glass, the strands spread out in a pattern that looks like drips of water.

A set of orbed pendant lights handing above a staircase
The lights are made from molten pyrex glass shaped by a glassblower

To make the concentric orbs, the glassblower delicately places the drizzled orb inside a second hand-blown oval.

"The artisan blows this second tube into a large oblong shape, then uses a fire torch to open the bottom," said the brand. "They then take the existing orb and place it carefully within, immediately beginning to melt the glass from the bottom until it becomes one solid, smooth globe. All of these movements need to be made quickly and precisely to trap the drizzled orb within the second."

Kadur Drizzle lights hanging above a staircase
The two orbs are expertly fused together to create one solid, smooth globe

According to Shakúff, "the result is a three-dimensional piece that pushes past traditional but is still grounded in classic elegance."

"Looking at it, you can picture being inside a snowglobe, except one filled with soft rain falling in all directions and enveloping you in a refreshing sensory experience," the brand added.

Product: Kadur Drizzle
Brand: Shakúff
Contact: [email protected]

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