A white bath and steel sink inside a bathroom

Valvola01 by Studio Adolini for Quadro Design

Dezeen Showroom: Italian manufacturer Quadro Design has released a collection of bathroom taps designed by Studio Adolini.

Valvola01 is "an ode to steel and water" – materials that the brand has used throughout its 20-year history.

"Stainless steel has always been at the centre of the company's main focus: a noble metal capable of offering inexhaustible suggestions, in terms of design and use," said Quadro Design.

A bathroom with a bath and tap from Valvola01
Quadro Design described the product as "an ode to steel and water"

The Valvola01 series comprises an array of wall-mounted and floor taps for use in sinks, bathtubs and showers.

According to Quadro Design, the taps give traditional industrial tap design a contemporary edge.

The Valvola01 range includes bathroom and kitchen taps
The Valvola01 range includes bathroom and kitchen taps

"All the charm of the industrial taps with the typical hydraulic and gas ball valves are the inspiration for a synthetic and highly modern formal reinterpretation," the brand said.

Each tap can be finished in light gold, pink gold or black gold using a thin-film coating process known as Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD).

Valvola01 stainless steel showerhead
The taps can be finished in light gold, pink gold or black gold

"PVD is a highly innovative coating procedure that allows us not to alter the inherent features of stainless steel, preserving its durability, inalterability, its resistance to acid solvents and saline corrosion and above all, with the lowest environmental impact," the brand explained.

Product: Valvola01
Designer: Studio Adolini
Brand: Quadro Design
Contact: [email protected]

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