amazonia tiles

Amazonia Tile Collection by ZYX

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish interior brand ZYX has designed the Amazonia Collection, a range of floor and wall tiles that resemble the "wild jungle".

Available in two shapes, the porcelain Amazonia tiles are all handcrafted to give them a "rustic" look that can be used on both walls and floors.

"Amazonia is inspired by tropical jungles," said ZYX area export manager Salvador Liñan. "It transports us to the Amazon and invites us to immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of exotic sensuality."

amazonia tiles
Amazonia tiles can be used on the wall and floor

The designers used five earthy colours such as deep green and sand to embody the jungle theme. Each tile has been handmade into either a square or hexagonal shape.

"The hexagon format maximises the fresh botanical concept and particularly enriches the current character of the collection with this geometric shape," the brand said.

amazonia tiles
The designers used earthy tones such as green and sand

Though each tile is individual, the designers believe that when used together, the colours complement each other and contribute to the rustic finish.

"The irregular profile of the pieces, as a result of the intentional cuts created with a handcrafted mould, means that it is hard to find two identical pieces," the brand explained.

"The beauty of these effects is enhanced with a worn gloss effect, obtained with special ink that gives that rustic aura to the pieces."

amazonia tiles
Each tile is handmade into either a square or hexagon

The collection was designed to hark back to the origins of ceramics, which is why ZYX turned to traditional methods of craftsmanship to create the tiles.

"Studying the manufacturing process, inspired by traditional techniques, as well as designing the pieces following the latest trends, have been key to successfully giving the whole character and personality to this new collection," the brand explained.

ZYX is part of Tile of Spain, an association of over 100 Spanish tile manufacturers.

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