Whiz luminaire by Meteor Lighting

Whiz 2.0 luminaire by Meteor Lighting

Dezeen Showroom: Meteor Lighting has designed the Whiz 2.0 luminaire to illuminate spaces with high ceilings through either direct and indirect light.

The Whiz 2.0 ceiling light marries high performance with a compact form that Meteor Lighting describes as "architectural and sleek".

Whiz luminaire by Meteor Lighting
The Whiz 2.0 can be flipped to provide indirect lighting

Delivering a brightness of up to 36,000 lumens, the design boasts a number of innovative features.

Its shade can be flipped to provide either direct or indirect lighting, while the light's warmth can be tuned between 3,000 and 5,000 Kelvin.

Whiz luminaire by Meteor Lighting
The colour temperature can also be configured

Whiz 2.0 is also available with a special natatorium finish that makes the high-bay luminaire suited to wet environments like indoor swimming pools.

Winner of the Lightfair Innovation Award 2019, the Whiz 2.0 is compatible with ceiling heights above 10 metres.

Product: Whiz 2.0
Brand: Meteor Lighting
Contact: [email protected]

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