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Ebisu Station Tokyo Toilet by Kashiwa Sato

Kashiwa Sato creates "pure white toilet" in Tokyo

Graphic designer Kashiwa Sato has built a public toilet wrapped in white aluminium louvres alongside Ebisu station in central Tokyo, Japan.

Built as the latest addition to the Tokyo Toilet project, which will see 17 facilities designed by leading architects and designers built in the city, Sato's block stands outside a busy station.

Tokyo Toilet at Ebisu station by Kashiwa Sato
Kashiwa Sato has designed a toilet alongside Ebisu station

Sato, who runs branding agency Samurai Inc and designed the brand strategy for Uniqlo, set out to create a bright, clean-looking facility.

The designer aimed to achieve this by surrounding the facility with white aluminium louvres.

Toilet block wrapped in white louvres
The block is wrapped in white louvres

"Since the toilet, located beside the police box in front of the Ebisu station, is a neighborhood symbol that people see every day, we thought it should not be too conspicuous," explained Sato.

"The aluminium louvres give a bright and light impression, and we have tried to create a quiet appearance that blends naturally with the cityscape."

White louvres around toilet block
It was designed to look clean and bright

The louvres are separated with two-centimetre gaps to create a permeable wall that has an open space at its base.

The wall encloses a light-filled corridor that runs in a U-shape around the rectangular block with the entrances at each end. Inside the block are five toilet cubicles that are not divided by gender.

"The facility should be easy to enter, easy to use, and have a clean appearance that inspires the passersby to feel a little bit brighter and fresher," Sato continued.

"This pure white toilet was designed by addressing every point of consideration that is usually taken for granted in a restroom facility."

Entrance to Sato's toilet block
The entrances to the toilet block are at the ends of the U-shaped wall

Along with the block, Sato also designed the pictograms that are used to depict the various facilities.

These pictograms are being used on all of the facilities built as part of the Tokyo Toilet project.

Toilet pictograms by Sato
Sato designed the pictograms used on all Tokyo Toilet facilities

In total, 17 toilets are planned as part of the Nippon Foundation's Tokyo Toilet project.

Blocks completed so far include a trio of mushroom-like blocks designed by Toyo Ito, a pair of transparent blocks designed by Shigeru Ban and a house-shaped public toilet by fashion designer Nigo.

More images and plans

Tokyo Toilet at Ebisu station by Kashiwa Sato plans
Tokyo Toilet at Ebisu station by Kashiwa Sato
Tokyo Toilet at Ebisu station by Kashiwa Sato