Verandas meeting room by Spacestor

Verandas meeting room pod by Spacestor

Dezeen Showroom: workspace furniture brand Spacestor has created Verandas, a customisable meeting room pod that can fit any space and be reused when the configuration no longer suits.

Verandas is an architectural room system designed with sustainability, flexibility and breadth of choice in mind.

Black meeting room module inserted into an open workspace with a blush pink dividing curtain opening onto a relaxed meeting space with sofas
Verandas is a highly customisable room system to create enclosed spaces in open offices

The system is customised via an online tool that allows users to pick different sizes, configurations, materials, finishes and accessories for both inside and outside.

The interior can be fitted out with add-ons such as tables, seats, whiteboards and AV rigs, while exterior accessories such as lockers, cubbies, shelves and cork panels allow Verandas to enhance the whole office environment.

Pale wood-panelled meeting room module in an open workplace with arched shelving and lockers decorating its exterior
The exterior can be customised with add-ons such as shelving, lockers and arches

Spacestor designed Verandas to suit rapidly evolving workplaces that need flexible and adaptable architectural products.

Verandas comes as a kit of parts that can be assembled using only hand tools. The modular product can also be easily dismantled and rebuilt, with every component apart from the acoustic seals made reusable to cut down on waste.

Product: Verandas
Brand: Spacestor
Contact: [email protected]

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