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Boitier for Bike cabinet by Boitier

Boîtier for Bike cabinet by Boîtier

Dezeen Showroom: home-gym furniture company Boîtier has launched a cabinet for stationary bikes designed to conceal equipment in a steel-enforced drawer.

The Boîtier for Bike cabinet is designed to look like a piece of mid-century furniture, with a cherrywood and veneered wood structure and brass handles.

Wooden cabinet in mid-century style in a minimal white apartment hallway
Boîtier for Bike allows users to conceal their stationary bike in a cabinet

The drawer the stationary bike is placed upon is a custom platform load-tested to more than 180 kilogrammes, meaning users can workout safely upon it without moving the equipment. To store the bike again after use, they only need to close the drawer.

In addition, the Boîtier for Bike cabinet includes a shelf for books and ornaments, which should make it further blend into the decor of a living room or bedroom.

Mid-century cabinet with the full-height side drawer opened to reveal a stationary bike
Users simply pull open the drawer, hop on the bike and ride it on the steel-enforced platform

Boîtier founder Preston Emory started the company after experiencing hesitancy in buying his own home gym equipment for a one-bedroom apartment because it would create an eyesore.

He has worked with New Orleans makerspace Scale Workspace to bring Boîtier for Bike to the market and expects to make it available through a limited release in the coming months.

Product: Boîtier for Bike
Brand: Boîtier
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