Dolly Recycled fabric by Søren Møller for TexStyle

Dolly Recycled fabric by Søren Møller for Texstyle

Dezeen Showroom: Danish brand Texstyle has launched Dolly Recycled fabric, a textile that looks like wool but is entirely made of recycled plastic bottles.

Designed by Texstyle founder Søren Møller, Dolly Recycled fabric has a softness and texture that is characteristic of wool and a composition that is 100 per cent recycled polyethylene terephthalate, known as PET.

Close-up of Dolly Recycled fabrics in different colours
Dolly Recycled fabric has a look and feel similar to wool

Thirty empty 1.5-litre bottles go into making each metre of the fabric. Texstyle estimates that an accent chair upholstered in Dolly Recycled would use around 75 bottles.

The brand abides by international recycling standards and has been investing in research and development into recycled polyester yarns since 2018.

It says that used as upholstery, Dolly Recycled fabric continues the innovative values of nordic furniture while adding comfort and tactility.

The Dolly Recycled fabric used on chairs
The fabric adds comfort and tactility to furniture

"Nowadays, it is possible to have high-quality upholstery fabrics made 100 per cent of up-cycled yarns from PET bottles," said Texstyle.

"Thanks to our new recycled range and our customers, a certain amount of plastic waste is no longer ending up in nature but in beautiful interiors."

Dolly Recycled fabric is available in the neutral shades white and natural, classic grey, black and brown, and modern old rose, as well as some more bold colours such as forest green and Bordeaux grapes.

Product: Dolly Recycled fabric
Designer: Søren Møller
Brand: Texstyle
Contact: [email protected]

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