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A photograph of a wash pod besides escalators

Primo Specialist Washpod by CDUK

Dezeen Showroom: designer Neil Wilson has created a new product for CDUK's Primo wash basin range – a washpod that can be quickly added to public spaces to make them more hygienic.

The design for the Primo Specialist Washpod responds to the pandemic and the long-term changes it has brought to attitudes around hygiene and cleanliness.

A photograph of wash pods in a bathroom
The Primo Specialist Washpod can be added to existing washrooms

The touchless, freestanding washpod continues the characteristics of the Primo range of thermoformed vanity basins and wash troughs, all made from solid-surface material Corian, but in a form that can be easily inserted into high-traffic spaces.

Corian as a material is well-suited to the needs of the pandemic, as it is designed to be non-porous and easy to clean.

"The inherent characteristics of Corian Solid Surface offer seamless durability, it is hygienic, non-porous, so it is easy to clean, offering maximum durability with minimum maintenance," said the brand.

"Impenetrable to bacteria and fungi, and with no need for grout, there is no moisture penetration that can lead to mould."

A model of a grey washpod
It is a touchless and freestanding washpod

CDUK recommends it for environments such as airports, workplaces, hospitality venues, retail environments or education institutions.

Alternatively, the Primo Specialist Washpod can be used to quickly refit washrooms, as it is easy to install.

The Primo Specialist Washpod is available in the Corian colours Glacier White or Neutral Concrete, and with a choice of Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry taps that eliminate the need to swap stations between washing and drying.

Product: Primo Specialist Washpod
Designer: Neil Wilson
Brand: CDUK
Contact: [email protected]

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Primo Specialist Washpod by Neil Wilson for CDUK