Viva Chair by David Regestam for Suite NY

Viva chair by David Regestam via Suite NY

Dezeen Showroom: made by Swedish brand Gärsnäs and sold through Suite NY, the Viva chair by designer David Regestam combines the comforts of a lounge chair with a stylish aesthetic.

Regestam set out to achieve maximum comfort with minimal proportions when he designed the Viva chair, which has layered cushions on its seat and backrest.

A photograph of a chair
The Viva chair is designed to blend comfort with a stylish aesthetic

"With Viva, I wanted to make a chair that focused on comfort and durability, packaged in a beautiful and timeless design," said Regestam, who is a designer at Wingårdhs.

"The aim was not to produce yet another in a long line of new chairs, but instead to create a unique chair with a great lifespan that you will cherish for a long time to come."

Viva chair in beige
Recycled blanket materials are used in the seat

Viva is able to be used on its own as a reading chair or lounge chair or combined into a set around a dining or conference table.

Its frame is made of wood, while material made from recycled blankets is used in the seat.

Viva chair displayed in Suite NY's showroom
The Viva chair is being showcased in various upholstery options at the Suite NY showroom

In New York, the Viva chair is exclusively available at the Suite NY showroom, where there are two samples on the floor showcasing different upholstery options.

Product: Viva
Designer: David Regestam
Brand: Gärsnäs
Contact: [email protected]

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