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Pink Fost PET Felt Acoustic Lamp by De Vorm

Fost PET Felt acoustic lamp by De Vorm

Dezeen Showroom: plastic bottles are recycled into PET felt to form this lamp by Dutch design brand De Vorm, which doubles as an acoustic panel.

With its oversized dome shape, the Fost PET Felt acoustic lamp helps to absorb noise in crowded environments while bringing a unique character to everything from offices to restaurants.

Green Fost PET Felt Acoustic Lamp
The Fost lamp provides both sound insulation and a dimmable light

Fost's distinctive ridged shade is made by 3D pressing recycled PET felt into a mould and available in 11 different colour blends.

Its interior is finished with a white fabric lining that gently diffuses the light emanating from the lamp's spherical LED module.

Pink lamp by De Vorm over a restaurant table
Fost comes in 11 colours that can be either matched or contrasted with the surrounding interior

"The way the light source stretches the textile resembles the visual representation of how heavy objects stretch the fabric of spacetime, hence the name Fost," said the De Vorm design team.

"The fabric becomes one with the light source, connecting the inside with the outer shell. At the same time, the white surface makes the contrast between the inside and the outside more apparent."

Product: Fost
Brand: De Vorm
Contact: [email protected]

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