Living room with wooden lounge chairs by L.Ercolani

Ercol launches sister furniture brand L.Ercolani to celebrate centenary

Dezeen promotion: British furniture maker Ercol has launched a sister brand called L.Ercolani in honour of its founder, Italian designer Lucian Ercolani, who believed in making well-crafted pieces to be "cherished for generations".

L.Ercolani will be the new home for Ercol's classic furniture pieces such as the Butterfly chair and Studio couch, in addition to a range of upcoming collections designed in collaboration with British and international designers.

Dining room setting by L.Ercolani with red wooden chairs
L.Ercolani is home to classic pieces by Lucian Ercolani and also contemporary designs by Norm Architects and Lars Beller Fjetland among other designers

"Echoing Ercol founder Lucian Ercolani's heartfelt calling to create, L.Ercolani is firmly rooted in a century of design and innovation," said Henry Tadros, director of L.Ercolani.

"As we move into our 101st year of business we are proud to launch a new British brand inspired by my great-grandfather, who believed in making furniture that was modern and honest, designed and crafted to be cherished for generations."

Wooden cabinet under stairs
Norm Architects has designed the Canvas cabinet for the brand

The launch is designed to mark Ercol's centenary as well as taking the brand in a new direction.

With this aim, L.Ercolani has commissioned international designers including Tomoko Azumi and Norm Architects, who are united in their "appreciation for materiality and tactility", to create a range of new collections while maintaining Ercolani's original design principles.

Low wooden bench holding a vase
The Von Bench is a contemporary piece that was launched in 2018

Lucian Ercolani, who founded Ercol in 1920, was driven by the simple and utilitarian furniture needs of post-war Britain.

Ercolani's designs drew on both British and Italian craft traditions, translating them into simple, functional shapes that could easily be mass-produced. According to Tadros, this same philosophy will form the core of the L.Ercolani brand.

Wooden armchair by L.Ercolani
Norm Architect's Reprise armchair, shown here with a hide seat, is also available in a canvas webbed or upholstered seat

"His iconic pieces from the 1950s inform our DNA but much like Lucian always looked to the future, we too are looking to create a new collection, combining archival and original designs," explained Tadros.

"By partnering with global design talents, we are challenging our perceptions, evolving our collections with fresh eyes and diverse perspectives."

Desk setup with wooden chairs lacquered in red and blue
Ercolani's butterfly chair is available in the Modern Tones collection, a carefully curated range of coloured stains

L.Ercolani's new collections are intended to highlight the tactile beauty of wooden furniture, using walnut and ash instead of the traditional elm and beech.

"L.Ercolani is driven by our commitment to craftsmanship and our desire to bring British design to global audiences," said Tadros. "We are privileged to have this opportunity to launch a new brand whilst maintaining Ercol's much-loved position amongst the British public."

To view L.Ercolani's collection, visit the brand's website.

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